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Get Rid of Stiff Muscles with these Quick Stretches

Do you have stiff muscles throughout the day? When you get home from work or school is your neck or back killing you? Well, it’s all about posture. You must have good posture in order to remove that stiff feeling that’s aching throughout your body. Slumping is not necessary and won’t make you feel any better. We are going to teach you a few moves to rid you of any pain and stiffness you may feel when you come home while promoting better posture.

The first exercise is shoulder rolls. This will release any tension throughout your shoulders and have you feeling much better. Begin by either standing or sitting in a comfortable position. Raise your shoulder blades all the way up to your ears as you inhale, and once you exhale release and put your shoulders back down. This should be done 10 times and can be done at work or school.

The next move is called the chair pose. Stand and raise your arms in front of you. Bend your knees no more than 90 degrees and keep them over your toes. Take a few breaths and begin to stand. Repeat this four times to release pressure throughout your back. The last move to increase posture and release tension is the standing side bend. Take your right hand to the side of your head. Make sure both feet are planted into the ground and pull until you feel a stretch all along the right side of your body. Repeat on the opposite side.


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