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Yoga Stretches for Runners

After an exhaustingly long run there is absolutely nothing better than engaging in some yoga to help decompress and stretch our your tired and overworked muscles. After your run, grab your yoga mat and lay it on the ground and begin by taking stand in downward dog. Downward dog is an extremely relaxing beginner pose where you place your hands and knees flat on the grown and outward, creating a v-shape with your body as you push your hips up toward the ceiling. Hold this pose for four or five breaths in order to really feel it.

Next up is warrior pose 1 – another yoga fan favorite. From downward dog, extend your left foot forward between your hands. Lift your body up, placing your right leg behind you and turning it inward. Raise up your arms and shoulder blades so that your hands are interlocked and stay in the warrior pose for a few breaths as well, really feeling the air fill up your lungs. After that post you’ll be moving on to a very simple pose that is easy to recreate. Stand forward, with your legs placed shoulder length apart and bend your entire upper body forward toward your thighs. As your lean forward, interlock your arms and place them behind your back stretching them up toward the ceiling. This pose will help to relieve any back pain or tension, which can be essentially present after a long run.

End your yoga routine in a butterfly pose by sitting on your mat, bending both knees so that your feet touch. Breathe in and out, releasing any and all tension from that rigorous and exhilarating run – you deserve it!


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