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Lavender for Stress Relief

Has your life been riddled with stressful situation after another causing you to plummet into a hole of anxiety and depression? Stressful situations in life can cause many of us to completely exile ourselves and forget to take care of our bodies and state of minds. Along with yoga, which helps to promote clarity and an enlightened state of mind, and working out such as cardio and weight lifting, which releases endorphins that promote happiness, there are other ways to boost our mental states toward positivity. Beyond the workouts are natural oils that can help to alleviate stress and promote emotional wellbeing.

Lavender is a great oil to begin with as it is one of the most recognized scents. Along with it’s enchanting scent, lavender has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety among people, as it calms the mind and nerves. In order to gain all the positive qualities lavender has to offer, purchase a small vile of lavender oil, and place around 5 to 10 droplets into your next bath. Along with that, place the oil on the bottoms of your feet, chest, and temples. If you are willing to purchase one, a diffuser may come in handy in order to dispense the scent around the room.

Take this alone time to decompress and let go of any anxious and negative thoughts. Allow the oil to seep into your skin, and let the scent drift you off into peaceful clarity. Relaxing in a bath of lavender is even more effective after a tough workout or yoga session!


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