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Stretch for Joy!

Stretching is one of the most relaxing feelings in the world. When your muscles are feeling sore or tight, stretching is an amazing way to really soothe the ache. Stretching every day is also great at increasing your flexibility. When exercising it is always good to stretch, as it will really open up your muscles and loosen up any tight spots. We’re going to show you a few stretches that will really prepare your body for any harsh workouts or just relieve any tension throughout your body.

Begin by stretching your quadriceps. Grab one of your legs and pull on it behind you, making sure you really feel that deep stretch. Remember to breathe in and out as this is meant to be relaxing and is considered therapeutic. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat on the other leg.

Next, start by stretching your hamstrings. Sit onto your mat or floor and spread one leg out while the other is in butterfly position. Reach out toward your leg and hold it until the stretch starts to get a little unbearable, and then repeat on the opposite leg.

For the final one, lie down onto your mat with both legs spread out. Lift one leg to your chest and pull it up. This is a great stretch for your lower back and will alleviate any tension or pain you may have been feeling in that area. Repeat with the other leg and hold for a good 15 seconds! You will feel incredible after these stretches!


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