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Green Tea for Better Health

When it comes to drinking tea many of us do so for varying reasons. For some, it’s a cultural practice, and others like us, drink it because it’s plain yummy. One of the most talked about topics at the moment is green tea! Many of you may be drinking green tea on a regular basis without any background knowledge on the many positive outcomes of drinking this tea.

Green tea has been prolific in the Asian culture, as it played a very important role in medicinal purposes. Within it, green tea has various antioxidants and poly-phenols that aid our bodies. Some of these amazing benefits are helpful in the weight loss department, and anti-inflammatory properties that help to improve our skin’s appearance. You’ve got us sold already, green tea! But if that’s not enough to pressure you into drinking green tea even more so, we’ve got a few more hidden gems.

Green tea has shown properties that promote cholesterol reduction, glucose regulation in the case of diabetes, as well as anti-cancer properties of the esophagus. Talk about a load of beneficial qualities! Drinking a few cups of green tea a day can have almost unheard of results! While drinking more than two cups a day can leave a lot of us running to the restroom more than we’d like, there are other ways to intake green tea. Many stores also offer green tea tablets that contain all of the same benefits. So after reading this article we’re more than sure you’ll be brewing your next cup of green tea within seconds!


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