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Dealing with Post-Workout Breakouts

Working out is never fun, and post-workout breakouts are enough to have us never want to break another sweat again. But, do not fear, and especially don’t give up on all the hard work you’ve been doing, we want to show you guys how to rid yourself (or stop from forming) any exercise related blemishes.

The number one rule after an intense workout is to immediately cleanse your skin afterwards. With the sweat and toxins your pores can get clogged extremely quickly, which is what leads to those stubborn pimples. After you’ve completed your workout for the day, make sure to completely cleanse and wash your skin of any sweat and dirt with your favorite facial cleanser.

The second rule is actually an extremely simple one, makeup whilst working out is a big no-no. So your trainer’s an extremely cute guy with large muscles, makeup obstructs your pores which leads to trapping oil and dirt into your skin, which eventually will cause pretty bad breakouts. A fresh face is a perfect face when working out as the sweat can exit your pores much more easily.

Last, exfoliation is your friend. If you suffer with body breakouts due to working out, take the extra time out in your shower to exfoliate your skin thoroughly. Exfoliation lifts away the dead skin cells allowing your skin to breathe in fresh air and rid out any left over bacteria. Always remember to never scrub your skin roughly, as this can lead to further worsening the problem.

Hopefully these tips come in handy for any of you suffering with horrible post workout acne!


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